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About Tucek and Sons Inc. Serving the Tri-State Area

From Manhattan's brownstone cornices to the wood roof restoration of the Jacob Blauvelt House Museum for the Rockland County Historical Society, the Tucek family has been serving the tri-state area for more than 100 years. In 1914 John Hanek opened and operated Brunswick Roofing and Sheet Metal Company in a small shop located in New York City. Several years after the start of the business, his two nephews, John and William Tucek, joined the firm. Both young men learned "the trade" and became accomplished craftsmen as their uncle before them. Their small "family business" was known for detailed workmanship in roofing and sheet metal.
Roof worker portrait - residential in West Congers, NY
John and his brother William took over the Hanek establishment in 1948 when their uncle retired. The two men moved the now slightly larger outfit to a suitable location at Courtlandt Avenue in the Bronx. It became known as Tucek Bros. Roofing & Sheet Metal. For 40 years Tucek Bros. installed work with integrity throughout the five Boroughs and Westchester County. With the rush to suburbia in the late 1950's, the Tucek Family moved to Rockland County .The Bronx location remained, but the scope of the business grew.

When the oldest brother William retired, John's son Frank joined the business. Frank left briefly for a tour in the U.S. Navy, but returned in 1967 to form Frank J. Tucek Roofing in Pearl River, N.Y. The new company, headed by the youngest Tucek, served the Rockland, Westchester and Bergen areas during the widespread building of the 1970's. In 1983 Frank incorporated the successful Pearl River operation, while changing the name to simply F.J.T. Inc. As John Tucek, still going strong at 72, made plans to retire to his home in the Catskills, Frank assumed more responsibility at the Tucek Bros. Company, in addition to naming F.J.T. Inc. The end of the 1980's saw a large organization with 25 men specializing in all forms of residential and commercial roofing and siding. The Tucek roofing operation has expanded to part of Southern Connecticut and now included a large part of the tri-state area.

John Tucek retired in 1988. The Bronx operation was absorbed by Frank, his son. In 1989, Frank J. Tucek, Sr. formed a partnership with his son, Frank Jr., hence the name "Frank J. Tucek & Sons, Inc."

In 1997 the unfortunate death of Frank Tucek, Sr. left Frank Tucek, Jr. in a position to continue the family business. His endeavors along with his brother Michael, sister Janine and long time committed employees proved to be a successful transition into the new millennium.

The Tucek name has come to mean continued craftsmanship since Uncle John in 1914. No Tucek company has ever experienced any interruption in service, not during two World Wars, not during the depression, not during several recessions, not during the retirement of owners or the new millennium. We look forward to providing our new customers with the same integrity in their roofs that we are proud of in our name.
Fully Licensed and Insured
License # WC 2248-189
Connecticut: # HIC.0541051
NJ: # 13VH03757100
New York:
Westchester County: WC-02248-H89
Yonkers: 0532
Rockland County: H-02737-B6-00-00
Putnam County: PC2028