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Roof Maintenance and Repair Serving the Tri-State Area

No matter what roofing system you have in place, you have to maintain it to slow down the aging process. Tucek Roofing offers Roofing Maintenance & Inspections for Tri-State Area homeowners and commercial property managers that help you protect your investment. The Tucek Roofing Maintenance Strategy is designed to extend the life of your existing roof. Imagine easily budgeting for structural crisis management for your home or commercial property.

There is no one fix-all solution when it comes to roofing, as roofing materials are all unique and have their own capacities. Too many factors come into play when considering the performance of a roofing material. Factors like precipitation, UV rays and structural movement affect the expansion and contraction of the same materials at different rates.
Roof contractors - roofing in West Congers, NY
We check your:
  • contiguous walls
  • units
  • metal edges
  • protrusions
  • flashings
  • drains
  • sheet laps
These are every home's problem areas, and they contribute to the largest percentage of roof failure. Let Tucek Roofing will identify and repair your problem areas before replacing your roof assembly is necessary.
No matter the shape of your roof, whether you're using copper or asphalt shingles, Tucek Roofing should be your first call.